Do you want to live comfortably in retirement? Of course, we all do – or should! – and that’s why it’s so important to take charge of your investment dollars and make sure they are producing the best return for you.

And the Survey Says: Emotions Affect Retirement Goals and Planning

retirementResults from a new survey by PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., drive home the point and highlight the role that emotions play in retirement dreams. The company’s most recent PNC Perspectives of Retirement Survey found these top retirement goals for respondents:

  • To live comfortably – 77%
  • Travel – 70%
  • Spend more time with family – 56 %

Of those who answered the survey, 72% are confident they will achieve these goals.

The key is in saving, setting goals and actively pursuing an investment strategy to reach those goals.

PNC surveyed “successful savers” in the 25-to-75 age range who reported investable assets of at least $50,000 (under age 44) or at least $100,000 (ages 44+), not including funds in 401(k) retirement accounts.

Those respondents who are currently participating in a retirement plan said they are taking these steps to achieve their goals:

  • 70 percent are investing with investment firms, banks and brokerage firms, and in mutual funds
  • 77 percent regularly revisit their plans
  • 53 percent are investing in employer-sponsored retirement plans
  • Almost half (45 percent) have been saving for at least 20 years

Other key findings from the survey:

  • Those still working said they expect 40 percent of their spending to go to basic living expenses, followed by travel (19 percent) and healthcare (18 percent) in their retirement.
  • More than a third (38 percent) are not actively paying off any expenses before retirement, while 31 percent are attempting to pay off their mortgage and 10 percent are paying down credit card debt.
  • Though they care about the future for their children and grandchildren, older Baby Boomers (age 65-75) are not looking to leave all of their money behind. Eighty-six percent want to live comfortably in retirement.

How confident are you?

Do you share the same level of confidence as the survey’s respondents? What are you doing to secure your retirement?

Many of our own clients have found that “checkbook control” over their funds is a winning strategy. They have chosen to roll over their retirement portfolios to a self-directed IRA, allowing them to invest in a much wider variety of assets, thus potentially receiving a much higher return on their investment.

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