So you’ve been smart and invested wisely in your self-directed IRA to build up a comfortable retirement nest egg. The last thing you want to do in your golden years is to spend your time in a stressful environment, right? Can you guess the most and least stressful places to live? Let’s take a look at this list of most- and least-stressful places to live, according to a study from WalletHub.

Determining the Lists of Most and Least Stressful Places

WalletHub used 38 key indicators of stress in comparing all 50 states and the District of Columbia to determine the places to avoid and those in which you can hope to achieve a more relaxing life.

Among the indicators:

  • Number of hours worked per week
  • Hours of sleep per night
  • Percentage of adults in fair/poor health
  • Job security
  • Affordable housing
  • Percentage of population living below the poverty line
  • Divorce rate
  • Crime rate
  • Number of psychologists

What’s Your Guess?

What would you guess is the most stressful place in which to live? New York? Washington, D.C.?

Nope! Not even in the Top 10!

The Number 1 most stressful place to live, according to the study, is Louisiana, followed by New Mexico, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Nevada, rounding out the top 5.

Looking at things from the other direction, the least-stressful places to live, in top 5 order, are: Minnesota, North Dakota, Utah, Iowa and South Dakota.

Here is a graphic from WalletHub with the breakdown for each indicator:

To view WalletHub’s interactive graphics comparing the states and D.C., click here.

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